stores-photoAnja’s Dream – the first fragrance for little girls and their special occasion


It’s only fair that we share a little bit of background on this new project….

Once upon a time, there were two little girls on a beach in Long Island, New York…summer of 1977. One of the girls was wide eyed and sad. She was lost and couldn’t find her Mama. The other was gallivanting on the beach playground, swinging from the monkey bars practicing her ‘penny drops’. The two little girls found each other and immediately became the ‘dynamic duo’. After that sunny afternoon filled with climbing, swinging, laughter and sandcastles (and an ultimate reunion with the lost Mama), the friendship of Ali and Robin was born. Fast forward through the subsequent summers on that beach for many years to come, the friendship grew into a lasting sisterhood. We worked our first ‘real job’ together at age 14, filling perfume bottles for Ali’s mom, who owned a business in creating private label fragrances for big name cosmetic entities in the 1980’s. We spent many (and I mean MANY) afternoons passing the time filling bottles, labeling bottles, making boxes, sticking on UPC labels, while listening to our Duran Duran records …we smelled really good too.

farm-fenceWe went through high school proms together, break ups with boyfriends, college graduations, bad haircuts, much hilarity, childbirth (that was a rough one) and even heartache over lost loved ones that left us too soon…sometimes together…and sometimes afar, as our life paths didn’t always allow us to be in close proximity.

As fate would have it, these two girls were reunited in NYC, residing close to one another and the dream began. After 30 years in the fragrance industry, Ali’s mom created and maintained contacts with only the most renowned chemists. Her product still very much in demand and still purchased all over the world, ‘my second mom’ and Ali were instrumental in creating this very delicate fragrance exclusively for little girls. Our mission was to have it CHILD-SAFE, alcohol free, dispensed sparingly in a petite roll-on bottle, MOTHER approved, and CHILD approved, of course. After much testing and empirical research with Mommies and little girls age 6-7….Anja’s Dream – the first child safe fragrance exclusively for little girls and their special occasion was BORN. Ali and I remember rifling through our Mom’s purses together when they weren’t looking…spraying perfume, putting on lipstick, applying layer after layer of eye shadow…..Who DIDN’T do that when they were in elementary school?? To every little girl who has the same fascination with ‘Mommy’s perfume’….THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!

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Communion gift set

Communion gift set

The FIRST custom blended fragrance for the petite Communion princess... Memories and scents go hand in hand and with a touch of Anja's Dream, she'll remember her Communion for years to come. Exclusively developed by Moms at Anja's Dream, this very delicate fragrance...